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Art is an important part of your child's early childhood education, regardless of whether you think he will grow up to be another Picasso. Children are active learners, and making art is a hands-on activity that expands imaginations and exercises creativity. It also develops small motor control and eye/hand coordination, and sharpens children's powers of observation.

Our preschool curriculum is designed such that usually begins with reading aloud, followed by a discussion of characters and story. The discussion is followed by specially designed and relatable arts and crafts projects During this time, students work on the project, either individually or in small groups, and discuss their creations. After the project is completed, the children clean up and make sure everything is returned to its proper place.

Amazearts Preschool program
As part of our program we are bringing Amazearts preschool program to preschools, schools, daycares, community centres. The program is broken into four eight-week sessions. Classes are being held once a week for 45 minutes and we provide all materials. One of our instructors will conduct art classes in your school.

Session 1 – Elements of Art

Session 2 – Drawing with Monart Method

Session 3 – Painting & Artist focus

Session 4 – 3D Art

Visit our website for more details and would love to meet you and discuss more about our program.

Currently we are conducting mobile art program in all 3 campuses of MCHA (Montessori childrens house of academy).