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At  Amazearts studio we LOVE to celebrate your child’s special moments and that’s why we offer customized birthday parties nearly every weekend; a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday!

Choose a theme and lets us help you to host a creative Birthday party!!!

 1. Canvas painting party

 2. Candle making party

 3. Soap making party

Melted crayon party

 4. Emoji felt pillows party

 5. Donut felt pillow party

 6. Polymer clay bead party (Chain & bracelet)

 7. Polymer clay treasure box party

8. Polymer clay animals or characters

9. Marker tie-dye T-shirt party

10. T-shirt painting party

11. Canvas tote bag painting party

12. Mosaic photo frame party

13. Mosaic bird house party

14. Sand art party

15. artwork candle party

16. Clay cupcake organizer party



For more information and photos please mail us or call 403-201-7226