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Candle Making 

Candle making for kids is the perfect way to unleash kids creativity and make gifts for your loved one. With Amazearts, the class starts with a introduction of candle making process, paint the mason jar and choose favourite fragrance for candles. Kids finish it in 1 hour with all the materials provided.  Every child will leave with their own candle gift wrapped and created by themselves.

Note: Wax will be melted and poured only by instructors.

The team continues to hand-pour every batch of candles into hand-decorated mason jars, glasses and metal tins crafting candles with fragrances. You can also buy candles for your loved ones with Amazearts.

Click on the calendar and book your child’s candle making class. Age category  5 -15 category and Mom and child candle making sessions are also available.


  • - All the materials are provided for kids.
  • - No food or snacks allowed in session.
  • - Wear comfortable clothes, we also provide apron for each child.
  • - Arrive 10 minutes earlier before scheduled start time to settle the children.
  • - We strongly recommend booking, In order to reserve your spot. You can pay by phone403-201-7226
  • - A 48 hour notice of cancellation is required in order to reschedule your class ONE TIME at no charge. If a second cancellation occurs the coupon value is forteified.
  • - It is a drop off session, Children give their best effort and attention when parents are not present. Drop off and pick up is encouraged.
  • - If you like to book private group, give us a call. 10 kids maximum for children group parties. Call 403-201-7226 or email (No coupons)
  • - Coupons cannot be applied for private parties, Birthday parties or camps.